What’s that?

Despite spending almost every night close to tears and wanting to scream every weekend, I managed to pass all of my classes this fall. I overloaded myself with four classes. It just made for too large of a work load every week. But this is a learning process (in more ways than one) and now I know that four is simply too many for my schedule. I was planning to take on two for winter term and then another three for spring, but when I went to register for winter almost every class I needed to take turned out to be full up. Even the wait lists were full! So I’m taking a whopping two classes and they just so happens to be calculus and oceanography….  I could have taken statistics at the same time, but I don’t hate myself enough to take two math-type classes at the same time. And why the seemingly random oceanography class this term? Because I’m required to take some earth science courses and everything else (in every other department I need) was full. So… Oceanography it is! My other option was Minerals, Energy, Water, and The Environment, and as exciting as that sounds I’m holding out for National Parks Geology and Preservation. Hopefully I’ll be able to knock out foreign language and stats next term.

Why a foreign language? Because it’s a requirement at Oregon State and it wasn’t at my high school… So I only took a year of Spanish in high school and now I need a term of it in college to complete the requirement for admission. Oh yeah, admissions…. I’m not technically a degree seeking student. I’m admitted as non-degree-seeking. Which basically means that I’m allowed to take X amount of credits before I have to officially apply (and get accepted) to their school… Currently, I’m about 8 credits shy of that deciding point, so I’m cracking down on the classes I most definitely need in order to get accepted. If I can do well in them, bring up my GPA, and show the admissions department at Oregon State that I can do well (and that I only didn’t do well at UAF due to poor teaching quality) then I think I’ve got a real shot at not only finishing my degree, but finishing it before I hit 31. (For reference, I’m currently 28).

Running the numbers on my future course load gives me the following:

35 more classes to complete.

30 after Spring term is over.

If I take 3 classes per term, with 3 terms per year, I can finish in about 3 years.

That’s with summers off.

So if I can knock out a few classes here and there over the summers I should be done in just under 3 years. (So long as I get accepted as degree seeking)


What’s that?


I didn’t know this tunnel had light at the end….

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