Radio Silence

It seems like the only free time I have lately is when I’m sleeping. Every single day is full of stuff, from work to school to hockey to parent-teacher conferences. On Fridays I am tromping through the snow to work on my field study. On weekends I’m doing homework and taking my son to hockey practice. On the rare nights when I find myself lacking in things to do I am on the treadmill trying to burn off the inches that seem to have taken up residence around my midsection. To top it all off, I am getting a promotion at work, but it’s only by default. There was no one else to promote to the position, so I was the last resort. Now, on top of my regular overwhelming duties, I am training to be the new estimator and juggling two offices, two computers, two phone lines, and a bigger workload than any one person should carry. The worst part is that I have not yet gotten the raise to go with the promotion, so really it’s more of an upgraded title than a promotion. 


So if things have been a little silent on the blog front, that would be why. I am just entirely overwhelmed. Hopefully I’ll be back with entertaining material after life slows down a bit…


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