Because the summer months aren’t busy enough

After the trauma of t-ball was past, I was able to enjoy my summer again. “Enjoy” my summer…. In other words, if I wasn’t working at my office I was working on my house. Of course, no time off would be complete without a foster animal of some sort… So once again I found myself fostering a Great Dane.


She is afraid of everything. This weekend she spent fifteen minutes barking at a decorative balloon from a floral arrangement. It was on the ground and and kept moving in the wind, but every time it moved it scared her, so she barked at it for fifteen minutes. She is quite possibly the most ridiculous dog I’ve ever worked with.

Here is a list of things that this 130lb dog is afraid of:



-new people



-other small dogs


-being alone

-being surrounded by too many people

-the vacuum

-the microwave

-the coffee pot

-the copier

-the sound of me typing on a keyboard


-extra loud squeaky toys

-anybody who yells

-the broom

-the hose

-the faucet

-every foreman and pipe fitter that comes into my office


Things she is not afraid of:



-about five other adults whom she sees on a regular basis

-other Great Danes

-the dog park

-strangers, but only if they are in the dog park

-tennis balls


Things she actively tries to eat:

-dog food, any and all, whether it’s hers or not

-the cats

-people food, which gives her diarrhea and the worst dog farts imagineable


-grass, lots of grass


-small birds

She’s a year old and supposed to be very much in her puppy years. However, she does not like to play. She likes walking and sniffing and keeping an eye on my son. She likes eating and sleeping. She does not like playing, unless she is by herself and nobody is watching her. Honestly, she kind of reminds me of the dog from Disney’s Peter Pan. She nannies anybody she cares about, is very cautious, and tries her best to keep her humans out of harm’s way by alerting them to any and all forms of danger. If I gave her a little hat and taught her how to tuck my son into bed, the resemblance would be uncanny. Unless you count the physical resemblance bit…. Because they are entirely different breeds…..


So far the search for a permanent home has turned up very little. People are interested in her, but not enough to adopt her. The people who are seriously interested are only interested enough to get her for backyard breeding or as a novelty. I’ve had a few almost adoptions that I was super hopeful for, but given my serious lack of luck and her serious fear of everything, they didn’t quite pan out. One of them still has the potential to work out, but they are unavailable to adopt until after labor day…. I’m just not sure if my cats will last that long cooped up and time-sharing the majority of the house. I’m still scouting and interviewing potential homes and families, but right now there’s just no telling where she’s going to end up…

I’ll keep you apprised of her situation.

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