A couple months in and I’m still an idiot

Coaching has been an interesting experience. It’s half exhausting, half insanity-inducing, and mostly frustrating. The biggest (and most difficult) thing to remember is that these kids are four an five years old. So when they all team up and tackle you mid-game because everybody needs to give Coach a hug right this second, you just have to bite your tongue, swallow your aversion to strangers touching you, and do your best not to shove them off after the hug has gone on for too long.

Picture day was a special kind of hell, as it was also uniform day. So I got to pictures early to hand out uniforms… but nobody else did…. We had a fifteen minute window in which to work all of the kids through the individual picture line and get them organized for the team photo. Except since everybody was late we ended up with only five minutes to do this. All of this. In the rain. After passing out uniforms… Fun. But since only two kids melted down and started crying mid-pictures, I chalked it up to a win.

My first coach-rage moment came when we faced a particularly chauvinistic coach. He actually pushed me aside to coach MY team because I was a woman and therefore must not know ANYTHING about baseball…. Oh and then he started coaching me and trying to tell me how to run things on my team. It took every last ounce of willpower I had not to punch that guy in his stupid face. I should’ve told one of my kids to throw the ball at his crotch…. But then I’d probably get in trouble for encouraging unsportsmanlike conduct or something…

It’s nearly over now (just two weeks left in the season). So I should be able to start writing more again soon. It’s just been way too hectic to sit down at a keyboard long enough to hammer something out. But I have lots of stories that need telling once I get back.

Until then, keep being awesome.


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