The Summary (or Why I haven’t posted anything substantial)

I’ve been reluctant to blog anything lately. I’ve just had too much going on and blogging about it felt like too much pressure-frosting on top of an already stress-filled cake. Suffice to say that everything in my life became too much over the past month. Now that I’ve reached a happy, calm, post-shitstorm state, I can share the experience. So, the following is a summary of recent events. In no particular order.

The Kiddo finished his very first season of hockey and it was amazing. More amazing was the sense of relief I felt when it was all over. I was finally getting my weekends back. Two hours of practice per weekend might not seem like a lot, but it is. Add in the half hour of pre-practice dressing/gear prep, the half-hour post-hockey undressing, the pre-practice feeding, the post-practice feeding, the stopping everything in the middle of your afternoon to get over to the ice rink early so that you can find a parking place before they all fill up and you have to lug a giant hockey bag full of gear plus a stick and a child across the entire parking lot at -20 degrees, and everything else you do to work your day around your child’s hockey practice…. Well, it adds up.  Two hours of practice per weekend turns into hockey devouring your entire weekend, leaving you with almost no time to clean or even finish laundry. So as much as I’ll miss watching him fall and skate and fall and shoot pucks, I am so incredibly, amazingly, absolutely thrilled to have my weekends back.

My crazy ex started trying to call and message me again. I blocked all of his messages, thanks to Mr Number. And then he tried to friend my mom on Facebook….. Seriously… I can’t make this shit up.

I got informed that the company I work for is shutting down at the end of the year…. But I can’t really quit, since my dad is my boss and needs me here or he’ll probably have a heart attack or something. So basically, I have entered this bizarre realm of hell that consists entirely of enduring the longest lay-off in existence. While I do have almost an entire year to make plans, I also can’t act on any of them yet. Instead I’m in employment-purgatory until enough time passes that I can actually start making arrangements for future jobs, moves, etc.

I struggled with chemistry. It was my second term (out of three) of chemistry and I struggled with every single week of it. I was doing alright until I went to Hawaii for a work conference. Apparently the internet in Kauai sucks and I couldn’t access my labs without them freezing. My proctor almost cancelled my midterm because the webcam they were monitoring me through kept freezing. So I got nearly two weeks behind. And since each lab is built off the last one plus whatever new material we have, I couldn’t just skip one. Not with the tough time I’ve been having. So I kept doing them all in order. Late, but in order. And I passed them…. So I thought. Until final grades got posted and I found out I was failing due to a nonexistent lab score. Apparently the labs were the only thing you couldn’t turn in late. So all of that work I put into doing them was for naught. So I had a mini-breakdown and ugly cried at work and had to run into the bathroom to hide from the world because I couldn’t stop sobbing. And I hadn’t heard back from my professor all day, whom I had emailed that morning when I noticed the problem. After over a month of buckling down and trying my damnedest to catch up, I finally got there, just to be shot down in the end. But she did finally email me back and told me that just this once she would accept my late labs since she understood the circumstances and they were already completed. Then I ugly cried with relief for the next fifteen minutes because I really did think I was failing. Long story short, it was stressful. Very very stressful.

At one point earlier this month my roof started leaking in my garage…. So any plans I had to put up insulation and siding just got scrapped in exchange for paying people to put a new roof on my house… Since the leak I have shoveled the snow off my roof and the dripping has stopped… But who knows for how long.

Lots of other stuff happened, too, but I cannot for the life of me remember it all. Here are some of the less exciting things: I may or may not be at the edge of financial ruin (or unbelievable wealth). Long story, some of which I am not at liberty to divulge. I’ve been doing this one month fitness challenge where you do like a bazillion squats and burpees throughout the month, and I have yet to drop any weight. I started fostering a Great Dane and within a week found a permanent home for him. I’m taking it as a sign that I totally rock at helping animals in need. And finally, if I don’t find out who Clara is soon I will go nuts. Although I like the theory that she’s CAL, I have my own theory that just maybe she’s some sort of reincarnation of River… Now wouldn’t that be cool? Shut up, I like River.


Anyway, that’s been life lately….


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