Non-Bear-Like Shape

So I’m going to be starting something here pretty soon. I’m currently doing this month-long Squats/Burpees Challenge. I’ve also set a goal for myself to drop ten pounds by June. So basically, I have three months to drop ten pounds and get in shape. To keep myself motivated I’ll be checking in here periodically. Noting the days I feel lazy or too stressed to work out, along with my accomplishments. Feel free to jump in a few days late and do this challenge with me. We can strengthen our cores and get fit together!

march challenge

In Alaska we call it “losing our Winter Weight”. Kind of like how bears stock up on food for their winter hibernation, we Alaskans put on weight through the winter because nobody wants to go for a run at -50. True story. So in the spring time everybody starts hitting the gyms and getting outdoors again because the sunlight has returned and it’s not always below zero like it was a month ago. Plus, we’re all holding a bit of weight around the midsection after a long winter of sitting on our asses indoors, avoiding the cold.

Anywho, the big motivator behind all of this is that basically the man of my dreams is coming up to visit me this summer and I’d like to look less like a bear preparing for winter and more like a… umm… healthy, fit, non-flabby person… It was a good analogy until I forgot where I was heading with it… So yeah, I’d kind of like to wow him a little bit, or at least look good in shorts. I’m good with either option…

Nothing sexy about it...

Nothing sexy about it…

On top of the healthy eating I’m already doing, I plan to log a minimum of 8,000 steps per day, 5 flights of stairs, plus the daily squat and burpee requirements. If anyone has a suggestion as to how to jumpstart my ever-slowing metabolism, I’m all ears!


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