For the love of dogs

My oldest dog is a big, giant baby. As soon as I drop off my son at school my dog climbs into his booster seat and sits there for the rest of the drive. He gets cold easily because of his short fur, so Grandma (my mother) made him his own custom snowsuit. He doesn’t like to sleep on the hard floor so he has been given dog beds and plush blankets. I have a mink blanket at the foot of my bed right now. It’s just a little tiny strip of one, not even enough to cover me from neck to toe, but that doesn’t matter because it’s not for me. It’s for the dog.

My dog has a mink blanket.

Today I stopped into my mom gave me a new blanket for him. It still had the tags on it. It’s one of those super plush micro mink on one side and ultra plush sherpa on the other side throws. It has a dog head embroidered into one of the corners… It’s big enough to cover my son’s bed. And she gave it to the dog…

Now, I’m an animal lover, in fact I’m a great big softie when it comes to all things furry and adorable, but this seems like it’s going just a little bit too far. I mean, here’s a $40 throw blanket that she just gave to me for my dog “so he doesn’t get too cold in the car.” I don’t even spend $40 on a throw blanket for my own house!

In her defense, he does seem to really enjoy it….


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