Because nothing at my job ever makes sense

Me: “Why is there a bag of trash on my desk?”

My boss: “It’s not trash, it’s paperwork.”

Me: “It’s in a trash bag. It’s all crumpled. It looks like trash.”

My Boss: “It’s not trash.”

Me: “So what am I supposed to do with the non-trash trash bag?”

My Boss: “Go through it, sort it all, scan it into the computer, and save it with the manuals.”

Me: “What job is it for?”

My Boss: “It’s not. It goes to some parts we have in the shop. If we ever need to use them, we’ll have the manuals for it on the computer.”

Me: “Our foremen can barely operate the computers.”

My Boss: “That’s not the point.”

Me: “So basically, I’m digging through a bag of crumpled trash so I can save it to the one device that the people who will need that paperwork can’t operate?”

My Boss: “It’s going to be helpful in the long run.”

Me: (mumbling) “Says the guy who is planning on retiring and closing down shop next year.”


So basically I’m digging through trash today in order to hide paperwork from the people who will actually need it…

And this is a normal day in my office….


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